2.625" forward spindle placement makes the sled more predictable for carving whether it's in the deep or on the trail. Down hill turns or off camber situations take less effort. Forward design also makes a noticeable difference not only during the ride but at the end of the day. Better all around stability in almost every situation. Uppers are interchangeable,2 degree more turning radius and even more with optional mod ( slight sanding on a-arm spindle stop). Ground clearance design keeps the lower arms up and out of the snow for less drag and possibly avoiding hidden objects under the snow. Uses stock spindles 2012-15. Uses stock shocks with minimal modification. Maintains stock ride height. Rod end sheer point design gives you a better than 50-50 chance at replacing a $17.50 part versus an a-arm. Flatter ski at full turn (stock was 12.0 degrees these are 9.7) Lighter than stock by 3 lbs. New titanium stud mounts that attach arms to spindle come as standard equipment as well as titanium misalignment bushings (optional titanium bolt kits available).“NEW” Docol R8 Material is a more state of the art option to 4130 cromoly. 10-15% stronger, safe non-brittle break mode meaning it bends without cracking much like 4130 cromoly. Were super excited about the Docol, its a big deal! To our knowledge were the first in the sled industry to use it. Docol is mostly used in the race industry for roll cages, chassis and suspension components, so not at all new to them. This material also costs 15% more than 4130, and you will notice our prices have remained the same except for the slight bump for the standard titanium hardware. Once again giving the customer a better package at a great price. This kit does require spherical bearings and shortening OAL. Recommended eye to eye shock length is 16.5''-16.625. Up to17'' will work but not the optimal length.  ($80/ shock) shock reducer bushings  also required. Uses stock spindles 2012-15. Kits comes with everything needed to install including steering tie rods,2 uppers,2 lowers. Standard colors are white and black.

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